Our Pledge

Our Pledge To You

We pledge to create positive impacts on our planet. At Lactalis Heritage Dairy we offer tasty and healthy products that bring people together. To do so, we promise to stay true to our responsibilities and commitments to products, people, and the planet.

People & Communities

Contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of our people and our communities.

Our ambition is to be an employer of choice and we provide our people with programs, policies and initiatives that support overall employee wellbeing. We strive to create a culture of respect, diversity, inclusion, and fairness and to fuel our people through competitive training, development, recognition, benefits, flexible work options, and compensation programs and policies.

We trust the hard-working people who continue to pass on their expertise in dairy.

As a Group, we recognize our socio-economic impact on the regions we work in and we are committed to boosting employment in rural areas, particularly among young people. We are dedicated to offering attractive career opportunities and prospects in an inclusive environment and a buoyant industry.

True to the Group’s history and culture, our growth is solely geared towards driving sustainable development for our employees and the communities that we work in.

Authentic Products & Heritage

Take pride in our local craftsmanship and global know-how to offer wholesome and nutritious products.

We take pride in tradition, history and local craftsmanship while at the same time leveraging our global expertise in offering our consumers high-quality, wholesome and nutritious dairy products. We are committed to staying true to our roots while continuing to innovate with quality ingredients and simple product formulas.

Every day, our goal is to provide, simple, healthy and tasty products that bring people together.

Our efforts are clearly focused on the quality and safety of our products. We are also committed to maintaining product variety. We develop our portfolio of products to combine local traditions with innovation to meet ever-increasing needs. We educate our consumers by providing information that is clear, comprehensive, and reliable, and we implement responsible marketing practices.

Land & Resources

Act responsibly and sustainably to foster a stable and thriving planet for the future.

We understand and recognize that the rate at which our industry consumes finite planetary resources is unsustainable. We believe the first step in contributing to meaningful progress is to assess our baseline inputs and emissions data to carve a path forward in the areas where we will have the greatest positive impact.

The resulting framework will inform the structure and resources required to support our roadmap and will continually evolve to align with the organization’s growth and direction.

By optimizing our industrial and logistical operations, we significantly contribute to protecting water, controlling pollution and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Approach

Listening and working with others is a critical part of how we conduct business. Through collaboration with our people, consumers, customers, suppliers, dairy farmers, government, industry and community partners, we mutually benefit by finding solutions, improving our understanding of issues and inspiring change.

As a newly created entity, Lactalis Heritage Dairy will be updating our corporate responsibility roadmap over the course of 2022 to include a detailed view of our companywide approach and ongoing projects. Check back for updates.

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Lactalis Heritage Dairy bears no responsibility for the compliance, accuracy or content of any third-party websites linked to from its website.